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Candid wedding photographers create magic by capturing the spontaneous and unplanned moments of a wedding day. They are able to do this by:

  1. Being unobtrusive: Candid photographers blend into the background and capture candid moments without disturbing the flow of the wedding.

  2. Being prepared: Candid photographers are always ready to capture a moment and are equipped with the best gear and backup equipment.

  3. Being creative: Candid photographers use their creativity to capture unique angles and perspectives, and to tell the story of the wedding day through their images.

  4. Being quick: Candid photographers are quick to react and capture moments as they happen.

  5. Being passionate: Candid photographers have a passion for capturing candid moments and are always looking for the perfect shot.

  6. Being professional: Candid photographers are experienced and know how to work under pressure and can handle any challenges that may arise during the wedding day.

  7. Being open to new ideas: They are open to new ideas and suggestions from the couple and are willing to work with them to create the perfect shots.

  8. Being attentive: They are always attentive to the happenings around them, and know when to be in the right place at the right time to capture a beautiful candid moment.

Overall, Candid wedding photographers are experts at capturing the emotions, moments and memories of the wedding day in an artful and creative way.

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